Tribemix: Making a difference to the elderly

ImmersiCare have worked in partnership with care home group, Quantum Care, in the groundbreaking implementation of Virtual Reality into the daily lives of residents in elderly care, using it as a therapeutic engagement activity. The effect of ImmersiCare is unique to each individual resident, but has an overwhelmingly positive effect on the majority of residents’ wellbeing and has helped carers and residents connect to each other in the sharing of experiences and memories.

OCAV is partnering with researchers from La Trobe University

OCAV is partnering with researchers from La Trobe University and industry specialists Champagne Soda to investigate the potential role virtual reality (VR) might play in the wellbeing of older Victorians.
The partnership follows a successful trial with residents at Liscombe House who were treated to a virtual reality underwater experience.

Tim Scott, Chief Operating Officer, said: “The reactions from those who took part was astonishing. One resident said she had all her childhood memories come flooding back about her fisherman father, reminding her of the times she used to have with him at sea.”

“We have always known the power of virtual reality, and we can now see how it is going to play a huge part in our programs that focus on our residents’ care, health and wellbeing. We have been considering virtual reality for a while, and now have the right team in place,” he said.

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