Our Goals

Our goal is to deal with the most common and especially the most disabling problems
Fobie Sociali

Social Phobias

Intervention protocols for problems related to social phobia



Protocolli di intervento per le problematiche legate all'agorafobia

Tecniche di Rilassamento

Relaxation techniques

Intervention protocols to introduce relaxation techniques

Social phobia is a disorder that usually occurs in childhood or adolescence, rarely after 30 years. It is characterized by a marked and persistent fear in facing many social or performance situations, in interacting with others or even simply being observed in some situation, all this to the point of decisively interfering with daily life.

What we make available

Forniamo dispositivi e software per acquisire e archiviare dati che ci consentiranno di valutare l'evoluzione della terapia verso l'estinzione del disagio
Visore VR

Headset VR

A virtual reality headset

The headset vr is essential in order to have a 360 ° view of virtual settings and to be able to move within these specially recreated spaces

Battito Cardiaco


A device for biofeedback

Acquiring biometric data such as heart beat or hand sweating in real time is important for understanding patient status

Aphobis 1.0

Aphobis 1.0

Management software

Aphobis is our software that allows you to manage patients, sessions and sensory dives in real time so you have everything under control

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."


Our Team

Our team is made up of heterogeneous and complementary professionals

Marko Valdarnini


Designer in visual communication and teacher in communication, perceptive psychology and emotional intelligence

Andrea Pirotta

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Private equity, Corporate risk assessment, financial planning Specialties: project financing, cash management,
credit management

Mario Bertolini


Chief Technology Officer

Porzia Zara


Psychologist FSP and Sport’s Psychologist SASP

Amanda Baggiolini


Psychologist, Clinical Psychology, Researcher and VR Researcher

Luca Negrinotti


Psychologist and psychotherapist

Edith Valdarnini

Business Advisor

Assistant manager

Research and Development

Evolve VR is in continuous development to try to improve the experience both in the use of this technology and in developing increasingly effective protocols and scenarios

Realtà Virtuale e Progettazione

Realtà Virtuale e Progettazione – Parola chiave: Interazione Da qualche anno è approdata la tecnologia che ci permette di sperimentare la realtà virtuale (VR). I devices che riproducono la VR li possiamo trovare negli store Read more…

Virtual reality application

Applicazione della Realtà virtuale nella Psicoterapia Differenti recensioni e meta-analisi, considerano la realtà virtuale come strumento coadiuvante la psicoterapia basata sull’esposizione, per il trattamento dei molteplici disturbi d’ansia (Riva, 2005; Wiederhold & Wiederhold, 2006). Un Read more…

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